Upon purchasing this run down horse farm, the owner designed and built a new barn with an attached indoor riding arena creating a wonderful, updated facility. Fenced in turn-out paddocks were laid out surrounding the buildings and incorporated the remaining open space on the property. The new parking area for the horse owners necessitated grading to mitigate the steep slopes between the parking lot and the paddocks. New gravel paths running up the slopes lead from the barn to the paddocks. BWLA created a planting scheme for the steep slopes to reduce runoff, create winter interest, be low maintenance, reduce irrigation requirements, deer proof and safe for horses. Two different color selections of creeping junipers (blue and green) were used to create a wave effect thru the slopes. A few River Birches were planted near to the top of the slopes to provide more winter interest. Dwarf Purple Ninebark shrubs were incorporated selectively along the slope to provide summer color and flowers. Eventually the junipers will spread and root into the steep slopes and help reduce erosion.