Coming on to design the plantings for this lovely waterfront property which was rebuilt after significant storm damage, Barbara created a planting plan that specified plantings that would enhance the property and survive the harsh coastal conditions in the future. She also coordinated hiring of the landscape contractors who installed the new landscape after the completion of the masonry work. As part of the rebuilding of the property, significant changes were in order to make the residence livable again. All modifications had to meet current FEMA regulations and address future storm events. The house was rebuilt 6 feet above the street level and incorporated multiple retaining walls. New salt tolerant plantings were added to provide screening for the dining and lounging terrace along the Sound side of the house. Additional plantings were added to provide screening from the nearby homes, create privacy on the dining terrace from the numerous dog walkers along the adjacent streets, provide interest without blocking views to the Sound from nearby neighbors, compliment the lovely stone retaining walls and create seasonal interest with colorful flowering shrubs.