A Cos Cob homeowner wanted to create a beautiful, fun backyard for their children to be able to play sports, swim and also enjoy gatherings with friends and neighbors. The development and layout of this outdoor oasis was restricted by massive existing ledge outcrops, blasting was needed to remove sections of the ledge so that the desired amenities could be constructed. After the pool and sport court were added BWLA designed plantings to help transform the back yard into a colorful, beautiful retreat. Combinations of spring bulbs, summer perennials, dwarf flowering shrubs and fall blooms were added to the planting beds on and surrounding the remaining ledge areas. Lawn was placed around the new pool to provide a visual calmness and an area to lounge. Evergreen trees were added to screen the pool equipment and a neighbor’s house to reduce visibility from the pool and patio/entertainment area. Tall grasses were planted along the property line to help screen the pool fencing. Sedums and other succulents were planted in areas with limited soil depth.