A small residential, seaside property located on Fairfield Beach, Fairfield was renovated by the new owners and adapted for their active family. Barbara was the landscape architect in charge of all of the landscape elements upgrades. She designed new bluestone curving paths to access the front and side doors and designed new landscape lighting to enhance the walks. The existing trees were saved and she designed new shade and salt-tolerant plantings which were added to provide seasonal color and interest while respecting the existing plantings. Along the beach front additional native beach grasses were added to stabilize the dunes while removing some invasive plantings. This work will be phased over the next few years in an effort to keep the sand stable. Beach roses were incorporated into a hollow in the dunes. A small lawn area was renovated and the surrounding Black Pines pruned to provide a small play area and respite from the sun. Beautiful reblooming hydrangeas line the edge of the gravel driveway. Rounded beach stones were used instead of mulch in the island planting along the edge of the adjacent road planted with Miscanthus, Mugo pine and yucca.

Barbara designed a custom kayak rack, custom garbage enclosure, a new layout of the existing wooden deck to facilitate access to the side doors, and detailed how to renovate the front door into only an emergency access with new railings and steps.

She coordinating obtaining bids and then supervised the installation of all elements for the new landscape the project.

The interiors were designed by Jack Montgomery Design of Greenwich, CT and NYC . Tree work was completed by Bartlett Tree Experts. Freddy’s Landscape Company of Fairfield, CT installed the new plantings, installed all the new masonry work and provides landscape maintenance services. JT Low Voltage and Electric installed the landscape lighting.