After the long time owners of this property decided to update their pool deck and make improvements to the pool interior finish, they also wanted to create a safe environment for visiting children and guests. A new custom pool enclosure fence was designed by BWLA to integrate with the existing cantilevered wooden deck overhanging the adjacent stream channel. The fence enclosed the pool area but also encompassed some of the existing planting beds. Views from the house, rear deck to the pool and adjacent river were kept open with this open weave, metal fabric fence with solid wood posts with top and bottom rails painted to match the existing deck. Additional improvements to the aging pool included the application of new interior pool plaster finish (Diamond Brite) that complemented the new Sahara granite paving along with new code compliant drains.

Additional plantings were made property wide to add seasonal interest and create screening along the edges of the property. Deer proof flowering evergreen (Japanese Plum Yew, Andromeda, Russian Cypress) and deciduous shrubs (Dwarf Butterflybush) were utilized along with perennials (Hakone grass, Bugloss, Blanket Flower, Meadow Sage) and groundcovers. Various colorful annuals (New Guinea Impatiens, Petunias, Dahlias, Coleus, Verbena & Salvias) were incorporated into several of the new and existing planting beds to add summer interest. The result is an idyllic oasis for the family to enjoy lounging in their backyard or swimming in their pool.