This landscape surrounding this modern house was updated by BWLA for the owner in Stamford, CT to include a new Zen inspired garden. The owner wanted new landscaping to surround the house that was low maintenance, had seasonal interest, provided a welcoming view from the road, blocked views of the neighboring properties with a variety of evergreens and was complimentary to the Asian feel of the house. BWLA created new plantings in existing beds at the front of the house and new planting beds in the back yard near to the pool and outdoor entertainment patio.

The front facade of the house was planted with evergreen shrubs (Andromeda) that were deer resistant and complimented the style of the house. Custom fencing was used at the side door to hide the utilities and a new planting scheme was created for the front door planting bed to provide summer color with Roses and Blue Fescue grasses (a client favorite). Boxwood edged the bed to give definition and structure when viewed from the doorway.

Screening was added along the driveway with evergreen trees and English Ivy growing on Greenscreen fencing panels where the planting bed was too thin to accommodate tall trees while providing a minimum of six foot coverage. Along the rear property line evergreen trees and shrubs were underplanted with woodland deciduous shrubs to provide screening with summer flowers visible from the pool area.

A Zen inspired garden was created from former lawn near to the pool and outdoor entertainment patio. Decorative gravels in various colors and sizes were used for mulch throughout. Interesting boulders were selected by the owner and place within the garden space. Low maintenance groundcovers (yucca, sedums, Prickly Pear, Hens & Chick & Mondo Grass) along with Dwarf Mugo Pines were incorporated within the beds.